Energy efficient buildings for a Net Zero future

Our Services

From retro-commissioning to energy retrofits that target net zero buildings, our end-to-end energy solutions deliver smarter, healthier, and more sustainable buildings.

We can work with you as an Energy Engineer, Design/Builder, Construction Manager, and/or Technology Partner. Our goal is to engage with you in a way that best suits your unique needs.

Whether you have declared ESG targets, or decided to lower operating costs, the time to meet is now. The sooner we start the more certain your results and the faster your returns.


Energy engineering strategies that prioritize projects based on your goals, key financial metrics, and quick wins.
ASHRAE Energy Audits
  • Prioritize high return on investment projects and determine energy savings, utility incentives, and project payback with Level 1,2, and 3 energy audits. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) energy audits will help you achieve LEED certification and comply with State and City laws.

  • Not sure if your building is affected? Here is a list of nationwide benchmark laws. Here is a list of nationwide energy audit laws.
Compliance Energy Audits & Benchmarks
  • Comply with State and City benchmarking and energy auditing laws. Find ways to improve your bottom line and avoid fines for non-compliance.

  • Not sure if your building is affected? Here is a list of nationwide benchmark laws. Here is a list of nationwide energy audit laws.
Energy Modeling
    • Guide Net Zero implementation across your portfolio with Machine Learning backed energy models. Our algorithms identify your highest impact greenhouse gas emission reductions so you can optimize your path to Net Zero.
    • Identify the best net zero energy efficiency strategy across your whole portfolio or focus on a single building.
HVAC & Building Automation System Design
  • Design system upgrades that lower greenhouse gas emissions and deliver a net zero energy building by leveraging energy savings and utility incentives to optimize your investment.

  • Ensure you have apples to apples pricing on upgrades so you can select the best path forward.
Indoor Air Quality Assessment (ASHRAE 62.1)
  • Meet or exceed the minimum outdoor air requirements and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, improve occupant wellness, and qualify for LEED points.
LEED & ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Achieve recognition for your high performing net zero energy buildings and increase rent premium by up to 4%. We can help you certify a whole portfolio or a single building.
Net Zero Strategy
  • Define your path to zero net energy consumption with Science Based Targets and proceed with confidence to your Net Zero goals. Energy efficiency has the highest impact, then you layer on deeper upgrades and electrification timed with equipment replacements, onsite photo-voltaics/battery storage, offsite renewable energy and vPPAs. We can help you at every step.
  • Identify hidden energy waste in your building systems. Resolve design flaws, persistent issues, and building control drift. Achieve average simple payback in less than two years. Retro-commissioning can support compliance energy audits and achieve LEED credits.
Section 179D Commercial Building Tax Deduction
  • Qualify for a tax deduction up to $5.00/square foot of energy efficient building space. A simple IRS amendment can capture tax deductions for energy efficiency projects going back to 2006. We can help you model the savings and claim the deduction.


Execute your plan and maximize your investment. We work with you to tune and upgrade your HVAC and controls systems, electrify, tighten the building shell, and install renewable energy technologies. Our expert team will ensure we deliver the energy savings we promised you up front.
Building Automation System Upgrades
  • Get control over your HVAC and lighting systems. Achieve greater energy efficiency, lower operating and maintenance costs, better indoor air quality, greater occupant comfort, and productivity. We hunt down inefficiencies and make needed repairs, so your new system is functioning at its best when the project is complete.
  • Decarbonize your buildings – switch from on-site combustion to electrical sources backed by renewables for heat and hot water. Stay ahead of upcoming existing building electrification requirements in key cities.
HVAC Upgrades
  • Invest in efficient equipment and electrify to meet decarbonization requirements and achieve Net Zero. It is best to align larger upgrades with the end of equipment life where you would budget for it anyway. The return on investment for premium efficiency equipment over like-for-like typically pays back in just a few years.
LED Lighting
  • Refresh the look and feel of your building while lowering your annual energy spend by 25-35%.
Retro-Commissioning Implementation
  • Implement high return efficiency measures that typically save 10-25% on your annual energy spend. We fine tune your systems and often find more savings than expected once we roll up our sleeves and dig into your control algorithms and zone operation.


Transform your facility into a Smart Building by leveraging digital data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to alert your team to take corrective action. Ensure your energy projects return the investment, track indoor air quality, and predict when equipment needs maintenance.

Carbon Disclosure
  • Leverage the value of your energy data to meet greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting requirements for Scope 1 & 2 emissions.
Demand Predict
  • Use machine learning to compare past energy performance to weather forecasts and predict your kW demand days ahead. Make a proactive plan to shed load during costly demand events.
Energy Project Tracking
  • You have invested in efficiency projects. Now lock in your return on investment for the long term. Studies show efficiency gains can taper off months after installation. We can help ensure savings reach your bottom line year after year.
Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • Pinpoint where faults are occurring in building systems, alert building staff, and take proactive action to avoid energy waste and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment.
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ensure in near real-time the correct amount of outdoor air that enters your building to flush out COVID-19 and other contaminates. Once you have completed an ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality assessment and tuned your systems, track ongoing air quality performance and demonstrate your commitment to a healthy building to occupants.
Predictive Maintenance
  • Monitor the health of your assets and predict when basic maintenance tasks are needed. Take a data driven approach and find efficiencies over the typical time interval-based approach. We will let you know the optimal time to change filters and alert you if your motors start to heat up.
Smart Metering
  • Leveraging an extensive suite of sub-metering capabilities, we can install smart meters, integrate them, and connect them to ECOS to add machine learning and artificial intelligence based insights on the data. Monitor main Utility power feed or just about any motor.

We Offer Project Financing

We have your back when it comes to optimizing your buildings. Our goal is to help you reach your energy saving, Net Zero, and ESG targets as soon as possible. Often waiting for internal funding approval can double the cost of energy projects because you pay for wasted energy while waiting.

Want to discuss project financing options to get your project off the ground now? There may be off-balance sheet, zero percent interest opportunities available.