Energy Connect Operating System (ECOS)

Leverage machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to understand your energy consumption impact, plot your course to Net Zero, and report progress towards your ESG goals with our commercial energy monitoring system.

How do you meet Net Zero and ESG targets when the data you need is dispersed across your organization?

The demand for ESG disclosures from investors, lenders, and regulators is on the rise.

Getting on the path to Net Zero can be a challenge when data exists in silos across your organization — everything from multiple apps, utility bills, spreadsheets, building automation systems, and smart meters.

Collecting data, creating actionable insights, and producing meaningful reports can eat up valuable time and resources. Which is why having all the information you need in an easy-to-read dashboard helps you achieve your Net Zero goals even faster.

Accelerate to Net Zero with a smart building platform that monitors energy saving investments and keeps you on track.

Transform Data Into Meaningful Information

Connect to virtually any data source and collect it in one platform, make your buildings smarter, and manage your energy and emission performance goals.

Let ECOS, our proven smart building technology platform help you streamline your data collection, uncover new opportunities, and automate reporting and tracking.

With ECOS you will:

Find Opportunities

Save money by revealing hidden faults in your HVAC systems.

Extend equipment life by identifying power quality issues on critical equipment.

Reduce costly utility demand charges by predicting facility energy demand based on weather forecasts.

Track and Report

Manage progress to Net Zero by generating benchmarks and KPIs on carbon emission reduction projects.

Ensure OpEx cost reductions by tracking energy efficiency and renewable energy project performance.

Deliver actionable intelligence to any smart device or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) so you can act immediately.

Guarantee buy-in from executives, investors, and regulators with automated reporting templates.

Whether you are looking for a standalone software solution or the combined power of consulting and software, ECOS can help.

Screenshot showing EcoCosm Portfolio Map for energy monitoring projects

How ECOS Works

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