Energy Efficiency Benefits

Los Angeles SkylineThe bottom line is buildings consume energy. A dollar spent on energy is gone forever. A dollar spent on energy efficiency lowers cost and returns your investment.

By investing in energy efficiency upgrades, you will leverage higher net operating income (NOI) at your properties. As a result you will see improved capitalization rates and faster returns. Energy efficiency also means better risk management and improved marketability. Your buildings will perform better, so you will have fewer comfort calls and higher occupant productivity. Energy efficiency opportunities offer secure returns on investment.  Want to know which efficiency measures are right for your property? Learn how to Leverage Your Score…

Higher NOI is supported by:

Manage risk

Improve marketability and performance


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ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STARENERGY STAR certified buildings, with a rating of 75 or higher, use an average 40% less energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 35%. Use your benchmark rating to stand out among peer buildings. Where does your building rate on the EPA Energy Performance Scale? Where do you want to be? Take the next step toward a better rating and more profit.

Learn how to Leverage Your Score…