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Speed compliance and avoid delays when disclosing energy performance

What is a Rapid Response Benchmark?

Collecting all the data needed for an energy benchmark can be a difficult and time consuming task. A Rapid Response Benchmark from EcoCosm simplifies this by guiding you through and managing the entire data collection process, from start to finish. Our proprietary benchmarking tool walks you through the necessary steps, prompting you for building data along the way. Once setup, you can sit back as the system communicates directly with your tenants to collect their energy use data. And you can view the status of each step using our simple visual tools, right in your browser.

Close deals fast
Quickly and accurately request, collect and track data from tenants online

Minimize your risk
We’ve automated the process to collect building data for local laws

Maximize your time
Tenant responses auto-feed to ENERGY STAR. Automated reminders help collect missing data

Track status
Intuitive view lets you see what data is in and what’s still missing

Get expert reviews
Our team reviews benchmarks, and when required, estimates missing data

What is energy disclosure?

Many local and regional laws require building owners to disclose an energy benchmark rating.

Benchmarking in multi-tenant and multi-meter buildings means gathering tenant data including energy use, weekly work hours, number of PCs, and more.

Tenant response times cause delays. Distributing surveys, tracking responses, and following-up on overdue and corrective items takes valuable time when timing is critical. EcoCosm can speed this process up for you.

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